Dhani Jones

Board Member

Dhani Jones is a TV host, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former football player for the NFL.  He is the Founder and CEO of Qey Capital, an investment firm focused on diversity.  He also founded BowTies Cause (non-profit), VMG Creative (Ad agency), Proclamation (emphasizing cross-cultural experiences for consumers) and the Hillman Accelerator (investing in entrepreneurs of diversity).  Dhani has hosted numerous television shows such as Dhani Tackles the Globe (Travel Channel), Playbook360 (SpikeTV) and Adventure Capitalist (CNBC). 

He spent 11 years in the NFL playing for NY Giants (2000-2003), Philadelphia Eagles (2004-2006) and Cincinnati Bengals (2007-2010).  Prior to his professional football career, he played and graduated from the University of Michigan.  He is currently on the Board of Outside Media, Washington Nationals Philanthropies as well as External Advisory Board to Fannie Mae.